A GREAT Opportunity for Berkeley and Richmond Residents

Being energy efficient can directly impact your check book while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Addressing climate issues and providing green workforce development training & employment for youth and adults are just two of the reasons I love coming to work.
The California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program is gearing up for a great summer. We will be in 12 cities providing FREE Green House Calls and employing over 100 youth aged 15-22 who are trained to install energy efficiency upgrades to homes in their communities. Some of the returning youth will be continuing to improve on their leadership skills as they enter our Leaders-in-Field-Training (LIFT) program and provide support to the site managers while acting as a role model to their peers.
Green Energy Training Services (GETS) is excited to be working with RichmondBUILD and The English Center on our first English second language training program. Taking the current GETS training model and adapting it to enable participants with limited English language skills is something we are proud to have achieved. For information about this class contact Elena Foshay at foshay@risingsunenergy.org.
GETS Energy Services continues to accept applications from City of Berkeley and City of Richmond residents who are eligible to receive highly subsidized energy efficient upgrade services. With the goal of lowering utility bills and making homes more comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy efficient, they are also working hard to provide graduates from our GETS training program with transitional employment. Reduced utility costs, a higher level of comfort in your home and helping people embark on a long and fruitful career in the green sector makes the GETS Energy Services program unique and one I am excited to be a part of.
If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs keep checking back for updates from the program staff and participants.

Alison Freeman
Deputy Director


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