Go East Bay Green Job Corps!!!

Hello WORLD, I’m Tamera Currington, Program Co-Manager for East Bay Green Job Corps.  This is my first blog and I’m SO excited to be doing it.

East Bay Green Job Corps has kicked off its 6th and final 8-week cohort in Richmond, CA.  Cohort 6 began on January 24th with 23 participants enrolled.  They are a lively group of young people who are eager to learn about the negative impact we are having on the environment and what THEY can do to make a difference.

Last week was very emotionally challenging for all of the participants.  During the first week of training we focused on life skills, personal growth and team building.  Now in week two the participants are being trained on “Roots to Success”, an environmental literacy curriculum.  At the start of next week the class will be broken down, with 12 interning for Rising Sun Energy Center and the remaining 11 with Solar Richmond.

Eight weeks is such a short time, yet I have watched young people’s lives be forever changed.  I don’t believe Cohort 6 will be any different; I look forward to the next 6 weeks.  Well that’s it for now folks….until we meet again!


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