Meet Rising Sun Staff Member Adrian!

Hola, my name is Adrian Sacharski and I have been working with Rising Sun for over a year now through different internships and contracts.

Just a few months ago I became a co-manager for the East Bay Green Job Corps program. I came on as an intern through PG&E and quickly made my mark as a marketing and outreach assistant. I worked directly under the Marketing Manager and learned firsthand the ins and outs of field outreach and have been using my communication skills for the benefit of CYES ever since.

Recently, I finished closing up the East Bay Green Job Corps program. Although I was only part of EBGJC for the two final cohorts, I have become incredibly attached to my coworkers and the idea of working for a green social service program. EBGJC is special because it is not just a program that promotes professionalism and green job readiness but emphasizes holistic learning with emphasis on emotional growth. I am grateful to have been part of this program and have my fingers crossed that I will be able to work on similar projects in the future with Rising Sun.

EBGJC Cohort 6 Grads

In the meantime, I am also helping the summer CYES program gear up by means of outreach. This year, we’ll be in eleven cities across the East Bay, in addition to Marin County and the city of San Mateo! I am also in the process of helping train Travers, our new San Mateo Site Manager, in outreach. Otherwise I am enjoying my time at headquarters with all of my lovely Rising Sun coworkers.

Until next time,
Adrian Sacharski


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