GETS Energy Services Gearing up for a Busy Spring Season!

Hi! Khaia here with GETS Energy Services.  We have been pretty busy here at the warehouse and in people’s homes recently, since a lot more Berkeley clients are scheduling to have their homes retrofitted.  We are also ramping up to start Richmond homes at the end of April.

GETS Energy Services was a couple of good men down for a few weeks, after one of our crew members fractured his knee playing soccer and another had to go in for surgery.  Rahsaan, the veteran took Jesse Cabrera, the new hire from Youth Build under his wing and they worked magic together.  Rahsaan took the lead and kept things moving forward while Jesse picked up everything he was taught the first time. Now we have Doron back from surgery and just hired a new GETS graduate, Kean Ahern, who started yesterday.   He’s a hard worker, a fast learner, and is really enthusiastic.  We’re all happy you’re here, Kean!

Since we’ll be starting Richmond homes in the next few weeks there’s a lot to be done.  I’m interviewing GETS graduates from the most recent cohort and will be hiring two new crew members in the next two weeks.  It looks like I’m going to have to make some tough decisions, since the new grads coming out of Youth Build all look like great candidates for the position.  With so many new people, there will be a lot of training to get everybody up to speed so that we can begin working multiple jobs simultaneously.

Well, that’s all for now.  Next time you hear from me, I should have a lot of changes to report on.

Khaia McGill
Director, GETS Energy Services

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