Is Spring Finally Here???

After what seems like an endless rainy season, the sun is shining and exciting things are beginning to happen.  This Sunday, Tamera, Suzie, Eduardo and I will be at Albany Memorial Park for the Albany Arts and Green Festival from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, which to my delight I have discovered has Morris Dancers and Maypole Dancing!
As my home turf prepares for the Royal Wedding, I find myself remembering sunny days in England, May festivals and grown men dancing with bells on their ankles. I will be honest and say as a child I considered it some kind of cruel punishment to be dragged to festivals, but I now I am all grown up I am strangely excited to be going this weekend, so I hope you will all join us.
Bring your old halogen torchiere (300 watts or higher) and we will exchange it for a new energy efficient torchiere. You can also sign up for a FREE Green House call.
Residents of Berkeley and Richmond can see if they qualify for an energy upgrade to their home at a heavily subsidized rate. The upgrades include installation of a vapor barrier, attic insulation, wall installation, pipe wrap and much much more that will save you money and make your home more comfortable, healthy, durable, and energy efficient.
See you Sunday.  I will be the one jumping up and down with excitement as the Morris Dancers and Maypole Dancers do their thing…

Alison Freeman
Deputy Director, Rising Sun


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