Team Building and Other Good Stuff from Adrian!

Adrian checking in again! We are three weeks away from manager training and I am in the midst of helping create an outreach curriculum for oncoming community outreach manager training. I am also in the process of helping Taraneh fill up the first two weeks of appointments for the summer program, which means that I am dividing my time up conducting outreach in our different cities and territories. This has meant copious amounts of door-to-door outreach, which has resulted in lots of sign ups and a noticeably darker skin tone.

Work aside, all is amazing at Rising Sun. We just spent the majority of the day doing team-building activities and bonding with one another. The experience was great and I feel closer to the Rising Sun staff than ever before. It truly is a blessing to work with such a talented, diverse and ethical group of individuals who give their all each day to help make this society a more efficient and sustainable place. I love my job and I hope you all do, too!

Adrian Sacharski


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