GETS Curriculum + BPI Building Analyst written exam = SUCCESS!

I am very happy to tell the blog-o-sphere that our pilot Advanced GETS class took and passed their BPI Building Analyst written exam!  If you are familiar with BPI exams, you will understand this is no small feat.  Now on to the field exam!  I will be sure to let you know how that goes.

Everything else is going great here at the Employment & Training desk.  GETS cohort 11 is rolling at our partner facility at RichmondBUILD, employers are calling me with openings, our grads are applying and GETTING JOBS!

I want to share a portion of an email from one of our GETS grads:


From Italo Valle, GETS Graduate 2010


Hi George and Elena! Just writing few lines to thank you again for all your hard work in get us a job. After my short experience with Lalo and Smart Builders I went to work for CCMayers, building a bridge, as you all know. As usual, union jobs like that one are short term in most of the cases. Well I worked with them a little more than two months and then most of us got laid off. Once again I was looking for job and, because you guys every Friday post a very nice list with different companies and institutions looking for hiring, I was able to get me a job really quick! I am working for UC Berkeley University in the department of central maintenance. The position was open just for the summer and I was hired for two months, but this morning they told me that they are really happy with my performance and asked me if it is ok with me to work two more months. Off course I said yes. Also they mentioned that they will open a permanent position that I should consider to apply when the opportunity arrives. I have to say that I am very happy, feels really good wake up every morning to go to work.  I am glad to be working, I feel myself being useful again. I am very happy working for CAL. I would like to get a permanent position there!


Italo Valle.


If that don’t make you feel good, I don’t know what will!

Signing off for now, George



One thought on “GETS Curriculum + BPI Building Analyst written exam = SUCCESS!

  1. In case you were dying to know, our Advanced GETS grads who passed their written exam also passed their field exams. Since then, 3 more GETS grads have gone on to get their BPI Building Analyst Certification through Rising Sun Energy Center’s Advanced GETS training.


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