LIFT Week 6: Racing to the Finish

Pleasanton: Wow, we have had such a successful week! People are so interested in getting a free torchiere and a Green House Call. In the last two weeks we have had so much success in booking appointments. We had a booth at the Wednesday Night Street Fair of Pleasanton, and we were able to book the rest of our open appointments. We have serviced several big homes, beating our mark of 15 watt flood lights by an large amount. Things have been a little crazy at the office but everyone is working hard to try and get things done. After our torchiere swap, we have accumulated another torchiere graveyard! But I can’t complain. In two days with a man down we were able to service 74 apartment units in just two days, even with everything else going on. Things are definitely looking pleasant in Pleasanton. TTFN-Jazz from Pleasanton

Livermore: It’s been a smooth week in Livermore.  We’re getting the work done and not having any problems.  We changed up the teams just to give everyone a chance to work with a variety of people.  The managers and I just decided that it would be better for the Energy Specialists to have the experience and the switch hasn’t appeared to slow us down.  We got a chance to clean the site, which is great because the site is always active doing house calls and canvassing, which makes cleaning not generally our top priority.  A lot of the Energy Specialists have been playing basketball after work and it just shows how close we’re coming together as a site.  We’re especially excited to play some basketball at the barbeque.  It’s been a bit of a slow week for house calls but we’re pushing on and working hard.  Hope all of you are doing great!-Drew

Berkeley: This week in Berkeley we had another strong week of GHCs and team building!  First off, on Tuesday, Autumn, Ross, Corey, and Waleena attended the Derby Street Farmer’s market, where they got 20 sign-ups, all of which we hope will turn into GHCs and fill up the rest of our summer.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday, we serviced two more Cal Co-ops, Hoyte and Hillegas-Parker (the third largest Cal Co-op)!  And finally on Friday, along with conducting our final professional development session about how to write resumes and cover letters, we serviced a 6-unit apartment complex! Meanwhile, we also serviced 25 more single family dwelling GHCs this week, which puts us right on track to reach our goal of servicing 250 Berkeley homes this summer!  Everyone is keeping their eyes on the prize (the end of the program BBQ awards ceremony) as we go into our last week of GHCs!!  Please enjoy the pictures of various ESs performing installs as well as our visitor from the GETS program, Melvin!-John

San Leandro: With the finish line in sight, San Leandro is pressing on harder than ever.  We surpassed two hundred green house calls this week and our site office appears much roomier than before with the depleted inventory.  After our Friday professional development workshop, we enjoyed a gourmet potluck.  I heard our potluck was better than anything HQ could do, so hopefully Natesha took careful notes (Just kidding!).  I am excited to see how this last week of green house calls plays out.  Our Energy Specialists did an amazing job representing Rising Sun and promoting environmental stewardship this summer, but more impressive was their ability to come together as a team and remain passionate each and every hour they spent on the job.  I hope you all enjoy your last week of green house calls and look forward to seeing the entire CYES team at the barbeque.  Go San Leandro!-Will

Oakland: Our team has really come together in the past week! I see everyone working very closely and forming close friendships. One of our ES’s was having a tough day so the entire team site sat down talked through his problems and everyone helped. Other youth also shared their problems and it was a bonding moment for all of us! I see the youth growing before my very eyes. Only one week left!-Chris

Fremont: As the CYES program slowly comes to an end, Fremont is working harder than ever, booking 16-20 Green House Calls a day, in order to meet our site goal of 250. This week a portion of our team participated in National Night Out, which consisted of riding in cars and party buses alongside volunteer police officers, Target Team Members and Regi-Rec, the Raccoon, Fremont’s Recreational Mascot. Courtesy of The City of Fremont, we rode to a number of block parties and had the pleasure of socializing with residents in their extravagant homes. Not only did we get a ton of reliable sign-ups, but we also picked up a few shrimp cocktails as well. This week Arbaz shared with us our last Professional Development lecture of the summer, along with some milk and doughnuts. Together we watched “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch, which was about a man diagnosed with pancreatic cancer who still maintained a positive outlook on life. This video taught us to be grateful with the life we live, to be compassionate to everyone because each person has his or her own personal story and to never be afraid to fail. “You don’t need to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer to start enjoying life,” shares Energy Specialist, Mihir Jain. All in all, we have had another productive and successful week in Fremont.-Cordially, Energy Specialist, Erica Andrada

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