Wow – what a summer!

George here at the Employment and Training Manager desk.  Things are getting a little hectic around here:  in the last two days, I have had 10 job openings come across my desk!  That’s pretty huge.  It’s funny – I see all of these news reports that the economy is still on shaky ground and there aren’t any jobs out there but, from my perspective, I have never been busier!  The jobs are there – especially the green jobs – and I see more and more openings every day.

It is my humble opinion but I think we are starting to witness a shift from our old carbon based economy to a more sustainable one.  As with any transition, there will be “growing pains” and things that make us uncomfortable or unsure of the next step.  Another – more exciting – way to look at this is to say we get to forge a new path.  Every generation has its challenges – this is our challenge.  And I think the ney-sayers will be surprised by what we do.  Allow me to rephrase:  “They should be impressed by what we are doing.”

Gotta go.  I have jobs that need filling.



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