Aren’t graduations exciting?  I think so which is why I am particularly excited this week.  Tomorrow (Thursday April 12) is the graduation for our first GETS cohort trained entirely in Berkeley.  This graduation marks a significant milestone for adult programming here at Rising Sun Energy Center.

When I started here at Rising Sun four years ago, there was no adult training program.  Now, we are offering world-class Building Science training to people who are becoming a construction labor force for the 21st century.  While some of our grads will go on to pursue jobs in residential energy efficiency, most will not. “Why?” you ask?  Simple:  the jobs aren’t there.  Yet.  Every day, I see small signs of progress as the Whole Home Building Performance industry moves from being a “cottage industry” to a “main stream industry.”  And to paraphrase a recent article inThe Economist:  “You know that ground you are gaining inch by inch?  That’s called winning.”

We’re getting there.  And the trained and skilled labor force is getting ready.

Like I said, graduations are exciting.  See you at 2033 Center Street, 1:30pm-3:00pm, Thursday, April 12, 2012.

George Kopf

GETS Training and Employment Manager


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