CYES Week 1: Tasting Sweet Success in Oakland and San Leandro

Rai Fung Lee
Leader-In-Field-Training, San Leandro

I was very excited to start training this past week! On the second day of training, our site manager Matt was kind enough to bring us donuts for breakfast – of course everyone loved it! Training was very thorough and by the end of the week our energy specialists couldn’t wait to apply their craft. The San Leandro site is ready to go; it should be a summer of fun, work, and Green House Calls!

JJ Chok
Leader-In-Field-Training, Oakland/Emeryville

This week in Oakland/Emeryville, we finished training our energy specialists and completed our first week of Green House Calls for the summer of 2012. All of our energy specialist are great listeners, respectful, and respond well to one another. We at the Oakland/Emeryville site are lucky to have a great group of youth.

Our site audited 32 homes in Oakland/Emeryville in our first week. In addition, we have installed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory “Watts Up” meters in 17 homes. The collaboration between California Youth Energy Services and LBNL has been a huge success! May this continue on into the remaining weeks of the summer!


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