CYES Week 1: Energy Specialists are on Their Game in Pleasanton and Livermore!

Evan Pendleton
Leader-In-Field-Training, Pleasanton

Our first week in Pleasanton has been fantastic! The four Energy Specialist (ESes) teams, the Pink Rats, the Ener-G Wizzards, the Green Pirates, and the Cunning Cheetahs are really coming into their own in the program. So far they have serviced over 50 homes and installed over 250 CFL light bulbs around the community.  The ESes are doing an amazing job promoting the Lawrence Berkeley Lab National Lab energy metering project and Pleasanton is welcoming the meters with open arms. In only three days our site has installed “Watts Up” meters in 23 homes!

On July 11th, our Community Outreach Manager, Christina tackled the First Wednesday Street Fair downtown with the CYES mascot, Buddy. Come to the next First Wednesday Street Fair if you’d like to pet him for free! With everyone coming in and out for their Green House Calls, things can get a little hectic around the office but the ESes are staying diligent and keeping on their game. We’re all looking forward for the rest of the summer with CYES!

Miriam Moran
Leader-In-Field-Training, Livermore

This week in Livermore it has been a pleasure to watch our Energy Specialists grow and improve in their roles. Our energy specialists have been learning a lot from each other, and it is great to see the returning energy specialists pass on their knowledge to the new members of our team. We had a full week of booked appointments, and even managed to squeeze in an outreach event at the Farmers’ Market. It was rewarding to see how professional our energy specialists were, using their well-practiced pitch and explaining the free Green House Calls. We got a long list of sign-ups at this event and look forward to all the homes we will be able to serve in the weeks to come.

2 thoughts on “CYES Week 1: Energy Specialists are on Their Game in Pleasanton and Livermore!

  1. Hey Pleasanton Team! So good to hear that this summer is going well for you guys. Evan, congrats on getting the LIFT position! I had to have eye surgery this summer, so I wasn’t able to join the team this summer. I miss doing house calls, and to those of you I met last year, I miss you guys! Great to see that the Green Pirates have made a comeback as a team–Jason, I’m assuming that’s your team? I look forward to hearing more about how the summer goes, and perhaps I’ll see you guys around town. If you’re in the same office, perhaps I’ll stop by to say hi one day 🙂 Get out there and keep on rocking!


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