CYES Week 2: Building Teams on Solid Ground in San Leandro and Union City

Rai Fung
LIFT, San Leandro

We are doing great at the San Leandro site! This week we installed over 250 compact fluorescent lights, a lot of clotheslines, and swapped our first torchieres! Our Energy Specialists are doing an awesome job; there is definitely a 99.9% positive feedback rate. The success of our site is also in part because of the great management team; our outreach manager, Deepa Philips, does a great job at outreaching, she goes to many events in San Leandro and at the San Leandro Farmer’s market, she was able to get over forty sign ups! Matt Barno, our site manager, is also doing an amazing job, the inventory is in perfect count. Life is good in the San Leandro Site!

Friday’s are awesome! Friday’s are not only days to teach my Energy Specialists enhancing life lesson skills, but also to make our site even more united; thanks to Tom Courry, our LIFT Coordinator, I have a bunch of super cool games that help team building. This week, I was able to incorporate the lessons with a team building game, and my Energy Specialists loved it.

Dorian Miller
LIFT, Union City

Week two of the California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program is in the books and we are moving along pretty well. We had a rough patch in the middle of the week but we were able to power through it and finish strong. The whole site is really coming together as a unit as we have teams helping each other on Green House Calls when needed and breaking down tons of torchieres in the office. The Energy Specialists have continued to install meters for the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Study and now have installed over 60 meters in two weeks! I’m really proud of my site and really looking forward to getting back at it next week.


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