CYES Week 2: Picture perfect week in Oakland and Berkeley

JJ Chok
LIFT, Oakland/Emeryville

This week in Oakland/Emeryville was full of surprises. First, one of our Energy Specialists grew deathly sick with a stomach virus on Wednesday afternoon. Despite the setback, she still did a Green House Call the next day and received fantastic feedback from the client. Our ESes are troopers! Because they are so devoted, we have done very well as a site. As of today, we have audited 78 homes and installed 49 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory “Watts Up” meters. That doubles what we installed the previous week!

The next surprise was on Thursday afternoon. While I was preparing for my weekly Professional Development lesson that I give to the ESes, my Site Manager tells me that a photographer, my Site Manager’s boss, and my boss were all coming to watch me teach the lesson and take photos. Needless to say I was a bit nervous. The biggest surprised occurred Friday morning, when my Site Manager told me that the photographer is world-renown photographer Reza Deghati ( , who takes photos for National Geographic. That did not help my uneasiness. However, I was confident, and had prepared for the lesson thoroughly and taught it very well. Reza was very easy to work with and a very gracious man. Working with him was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will not soon forget!

Rachel Burns
LIFT, Berkeley

Week two has been a booming one here at Berkeley! Our partnership with Lawrence Berkeley Nation Lab (LBNL) installing energy data collecting meters is going great. Our Energy Specialists have installed over 50 of these meters in just the past few days and don’t seem to be slowing down! They are motivated towards getting these meters out into the community to help LBNL and collect information that will better the quality of Energy Star appliances. The opportunity for our youth to work in their own neighborhoods, promoting local research for a national cause, gives them experience and confidence to grow while also helping the community, environment, and their futures

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