CYES Week 2: Scores of Scheduling and Support in Antioch

William Spivey
LIFT, Antioch

California Youth Energy Services (CYES) is a non-profit organization committed to making homes around the bay area more energy and water efficient. The program, which started July 3, has recently concluded its second week of services in Antioch. This is the first year CYES is partnering with the city of Antioch to have youth energy specialists conduct Green House Calls (GHC). To date the eight (8) energy specialists (whose ages range from 15 to 22) have done about 77 homes in Antioch. As a LIFT (leader-in-field-training), one of my prime responsibilities are to support the energy specialists by checking their inventory, setting up GHC appointments, and facilitating a weekly lesson on professional development.

In addition, I mentor them on the energy metering project facilitated by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). For the first time this year, CYES is collaborating with LBNL for their research project on residential energy consumption. This is measured through Watts-up™ meters installed on household electric items such as televisions, computers, wine chillers, and kitchen appliances. To date, the energy specialists have implemented 22 meters in Antioch homes.

With no prior experience, in just two weeks, the energy specialists have quickly adapted to the GHC procedures, which include changing out and installing bathroom and kitchen aerators and showerheads, analyzing home water pressure, setting up torchiere lamps, and insulating the pipes on water heaters. At the same time, the energy specialists have grown accustomed and forged friendships with each other while maintaining respect for the managers and being professional on the job. With the energy specialists now having a newfound expertise in home energy assessments, I need to be able to book at least 16 appointments daily to keep them busy! So call us today, if you’d like your GHC in Antioch – (925) 779-6137 ext. 3

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