CYES Week 2: Taking it to the People and the President in Marin and Richmond!

Sophie Barich
LIFT, Marin County

The Energy Specialists in Marin County are making change! This past week has been great on almost every front for the Marin site. Our ESes have installed over 15 meters this week alone. Our presence at the San Rafael Farmers Market went very well again, filling up our Friday and Tuesday openings quickly. The partnerships are flourishing with each team becoming more and more efficient. Every team made a successful on the spot drop in appointment this week! We learned a little more about water from the documentary “Flow: For the Love of Water” and hope to be able to share this knowledge with future clients. With another week of experience under the belts of the ESs, they are ready for the challenges of the week to come.

David McCall
LIFT, Richmond

Another successful week here at the Richmond site.  I myself have been performing a few Green House Calls and I have to say, bringing energy efficiency to the community is very rewarding. 7-Eleven gave out free slurpees on 7/11 and our site went down the street for the treat. Hope others were able to take advantage as well! Also, I’m writing this on Friday the 13th! A couple of the energy specialists had a little fun spooking each other over the occasion.

One of our energy specialists D’vondre Woodwards was featured in the Richmond newspaper. He went to Washington D.C. with another youth development program and listened to the State of the Union Address given by President Barack Obama and got to actually meet the President himself! Congrats to him for his excellent role modeling.



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