CYES Week 3: Looking to Finish Strong in Union City and San Leandro

Dorian Miller
LIFT, Union City

Another week gone and we are at the halfway point of the point program. It’s amazing how fast time flies and my site is having a blast! We have stepped up our daily amount of appointments per team from three to four, so we are really busy trying to make a difference in our community. We also had a star studded cast of Rising Sun Energy Center staff come visit us at the site this week that included: Jodi Pincus [Rising Sun Energy Center (RSEC) Executive Director], Heather Hochrein [California Youth Energy Services (CYES) Program Director], Christina Chan [RSEC Marketing & Outreach Manger], Natesha Tabor (CYES Program Manager) and Alison Freeman (RSEC Deputy Director). For Friday’s professional development we watched the very powerful documentary Flow: For Love of Water about the global privatization of the world’s water supply. My site is definitely looking forward to the second half of the program and really wants to finish strong.

Rai Fung
LIFT, San Leandro

Hey everyone! Once again, the San Leandro site is having an awesome week! We looked at the total number of homes that we served and the total number of measures that we installed and it looks like we will be meeting our goals! Our success is due to the high morale at our site! The management staff is doing a great job in finding homes for the energy specialists to serve and in making sure that the inventory is up to date. The energy specialists are also contributing a lot; not only are they doing an excellent job when performing green house calls (GHC’s), but they are going above and beyond by contacting their family and friends to schedule GHCs when they have a little bit of spare time. One team of energy specialists served five homes in one day, kuddos to them! Life is awesome in the San Leandro site! =)

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