CYES Week 3: Media Frenzy in Pleasanton and Livermore

Evan Pendleton
LIFT, Pleasanton

Pleasanton is still going strong! At the end of our third week servicing the community, after providing over 130 homes with free Green House Calls (GHCs), we’ve totaled up some numbers. Our site has now installed over 1100 CFLs, over 100 bathroom aerators and 47 feet of pipe wrap!

Our Energy Specialists (ESes) have clearly developed into professionals when it comes to a GHC. Our ESes all arrived early to work today so we could go up to Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park for our weekly professional development lesson. What a great time! They have all been receiving a fair amount of press this week. We had an intern from the City of Pleasanton ride along with two ESes, Alicia and Pratik, so she could photograph them providing their service at a home. A journalist from Pleasanton Weekly went on a GHC with another team, Hannah and Deepak, so he could write an article about California Youth Energy Services (CYES) as well. CYES we can!

Miriam Moran
LIFT, Livermore

This week in Livermore, we’ve been organizing our first torchiere swap, scheduled for July 31st at the Livermore Station 6 Fire House at 4550 East Avenue from 12:00 pm to 5:30 pm. We are inviting residents of Livermore to come to our office to exchange their old free standing halogen lamps for free with our beautiful CFL floor lamps, which use much less energy and are not a fire hazard. Our ESes have also been successful with securing on-the-spot appointments. One team was canvassing at an apartment complex, and on the first knock they encountered the property manager of the entire complex! The property manager was very receptive and interested in our program. Finally, on our downtime, we cleaned and remodeled the office to make it optimally efficient during our busy days. All in all, a very productive week for Livermore.

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