CYES Week 3: Proud to be Making an Impact in Berkeley and Oakland

Rachel Burns
LIFT, Berkeley

Here at the Berkeley site we have done Green House Calls at a large amount of the Cal Berkeley Sororities, Fraternities, and Coops. It is great to see that out Energy Specialist that are either already in college or are going into college are making a difference, not only in their community, but in the California University housing system. The Energy Specialists are proud to have the opportunity to make the community more aware of the rapid changes of the earth and to prevent the continuance of harmful energy and water practices. Berkeley residences are very knowledgeable about the green movement already which pushes out Energy Specialists to work harder and learn more, so thank you Berkeley!

JJ Chok
LIFT, Oakland/Emeryville

This week in Oakland was not as eventful as last week, but nonetheless just as exciting! This week alone, we served over 50 homes throughout Oakland and installed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory “Watts Up” meters in 41 of them! Our Energy Specialists have become very familiar with protocol for the Green House Call, and are much more efficient at completing them. I’m very proud at how much they are progressing. Look forward to working with them again next week!

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