CYES Week 4: Building Strong Community Ties in Livermore & Pleasanton

Miriam Moran
LIFT, Livermore

This week in Livermore we have been working on a Bohemian Rhapsody parody song based on our free summer energy efficiency program. Our Energy Specialists are excited for their YouTube debut and have been working out the lyrics, props, and choreography during down time.

Also, we have been doing outreach for appointments through door-to-door canvassing and passing out flyers at local events. Our Energy Specialists are becoming more confident and efficient with their pitches, and it is rewarding to see how they are improving with this important job skill. It amazes me that the summer is almost over, but it has been great to meet everyone at CYES. I look forward to the last two weeks, and hope that we can service even more homes and apartments before our finale – the end of the summer barbeque!

CFL 13W, Replacement for 60W Incandescent

Evan Pendleton
LIFT, Pleasanton

This week in Pleasanton had some exciting achievements! Our site has surpassed multiple goals for installing measures and we’re still steadily churning away with two weeks remaining. As of Friday, July 27th, we have serviced over 195 Pleasanton homes and installed over 1700 CFLs! The senior citizen housing complex, Kottinger Place, just signed all of its units up for Green House Calls (GHCs) thanks to our Community Outreach Manager, Christina Mestas.

You might have spotted us with our high-efficiency water measures and retractable clotheslines at the Pleasanton First Wednesday Street Fair, August 1st. It’s great to watch the city grow more and more interested in our program as the Summer progresses. If only our program could provide GHCs year-round!

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