CYES Week 4: Good Times in Oakland & San Leandro

JJ Chok
LIFT, Oakland/Emeryville

This week in Oakland has been quite eventful. Our Outreach Manager was able to persuade an apartment landlord to make our service mandatory for all 200+ apartments in his complex. We will need to do all of the apartments in the next 3 days. We have our work cut out for us! As for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, we are not installing “Watts Up” meters as often because we are no longer metering microwaves or coffee makers. However, the good news is we have metered over 100 homes so far. We will continue metering as much as possible and try our best.

High-effciency 2.0 gpm showerhead

Rai Fung
LIFT, San Leandro

As always, Fridays are super awesome at the San Leandro site.  Not saying that other days aren’t great, because they are – it’s just that Fridays are just extraordinarily amazing. This Friday, I taught my energy specialist on how to fine tune their resumes and the energy specialists were very enthusiastic to learn.

After the resume workshop, our site practiced for the Bohemian Rhapsody music video and we did an AWESOME job! We can’t wait to watch the video! One of our energy specialists began reminiscing about the past few weeks and was saddened that we only have two weeks left. This made us realize that we have become more than coworkers; we have become friends. Our site is something special!


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