CYES Week 4: Rewarding Their Feats with Good Eats in Fremont & Union City

Jose Ruiz
LIFT, Fremont

During my LIFT meeting I received word that our site officially won the most LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) meters installed halfway through the program. It was a close race as the midway tallies were counted. When I headed back to the Fremont site with the news, our Energy Specialists were excited to learn their hard work was ultimately rewarded with a refreshing surprise lunch party. We all knew it was not over yet, but it was nice to take a break from the fast pace environment and enjoy the accomplishment.

Dorian Miller
LIFT, Union City

The fourth week of the program has been a week of change here in Union City. We switched up teams for the first time, so all of the Energy Specialists (ESes) had new partners. This has gone well so far and everybody has made the transition smoothly. We also had couple of site challenges this week that we all had to persevere through. We ended the week on a good note with having a pizza party for the site to reward everybody for all the hard work we’ve done. There is only two more weeks of the program and we are going to keep chugging along.

One thought on “CYES Week 4: Rewarding Their Feats with Good Eats in Fremont & Union City

  1. This is great! There is nothing more that I love to hear than other people gathering and commuting together to go green and show just what this Earth can do!! And is still capable of, everything. Let’s go green!!

    -Sharone Tal


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