CYES Week 5: Action Packed Last Week in Marin & Richmond

Sophie Barich
LIFT, Marin County

What’s been growing in Marin? This week has exceeded our expectations! We received confirmations that next week we will be performing mass Green House Calls (GHCs) on… not one… not two… but three multi-unit dwellings! To finish such a feat in 3 days is going to be difficult, but the Marin Energy Specialists are up to the task with over 5 weeks of hands on experience (some even more from previous seasons). We continued our steady completion of regular GHCs as the summer comes toward a close.

For our professional development we watched Food Inc, learning about the processes that create our factory-like food production systems. “The movie was eye-opening to what it is that we are really consuming,” said one Energy Specialist. Many even said that they plan on watching the second half at home. We are currently looking forward to an appointment packed, exciting last week of GHCs at the Marin site.

David McCall
LIFT, Richmond

Despite a few absentees this week, we were able to stay focused and keep up with the flood of appointments we had coming in. Our hard work and experience is paying off and the Energy Specialists are doing great.  This is our last week of professional development and we all have a new resume to send out to our future employers.

Special thanks to Target for donating a $30 gift card for our BBQ, also Trader Joe’s for $50 of in-kind. Hope everyone is looking forward to next Friday; it is going to be a blast!

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