CYES Week 5: Finishing Strong in Union City and Fremont

Dorian Miller
LIFT, Union City

Week 5 is in the books and the end of the CYES program is fast approaching at the Union City site. Our Energy Specialists (ESes) have really been working hard helping the site reach our performance goals for this summer. They also had some fun this week as we all participated in the program wide promotional music video that is coming out very soon. With the help of Shannon Ho who is a marketing intern, she filmed all of the ESes doing our own twist on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. We are looking forward to finishing the program strong and enjoying the last week of program.

Jose Ruiz
LIFT, Fremont

Coming down to the final stretch, 6 weeks out 3 official days of Greenhouse calls left! We hit the milestone for many of our goals, but our Energy Specialist remain competitive and continue to seek our sign-ups. The hard hitter of our week has been the cancellations. It has been a tough challenge we’ve fought throughout the summer. We look forward to overcoming our obstacles in the program as they come and go.

We are excited to finish the last week strong and enjoy the rewarding BBQ. The highlight of our week has been finishing our Lawrence Berkeley Lab Meters in less than 2 days. The youth have been excellent and motivated to meter every house they have visited. I’m glad to have served another wonderful summer with my amazing team of Energy Specialists.


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