CYES Week 5: Life is Good in San Leandro

Rai Fung Lee
LIFT, San Leandro

The San Leandro site is doing an awesome job finishing strong. We are headed towards achieving our goal of serving 250 homes. Our energy specialists are doing their very best at trying to reach this goal; they are getting walk-in appointments when cancellations come up. We have also surpassed many of our measure installation goals. The San Leandro site is powering though these two last weeks!

Not only are we working hard, we are also taking time to have fun; for this week’s professional development, I decided to teach my energy specialists on the theory of bonding, so I decided to have a potluck. The potluck was a success, the food that everyone brought was delicious and we had a great time playing games. Life is good at the San Leandro site! =)

Stocking up on oranges for the CYES barbeque!

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