CYES Week 5: (Lightbulb) Change is Good in Pleasanton & Livermore

Evan Pendleton
LIFT, Pleasanton

California Youth Energy Service’s Pleasanton site had an especially fantastic week. We’ve now met almost all of our goals and we still have three more days of Green House Calls to go! Today we had a great time filming a parody of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody for our program. We all can’t wait to see it on Youtube. Check it out! I want to thank all of the Energy Specialists that put in so much hard work to make our program a success this summer. One more week of good times left!

Miriam Moran
LIFT, Livermore

In our penultimate week of the summer program in Livermore, we started off with a strong start– Tuesday was payday! 🙂 And things only got better as the week progressed. On Tuesday, we had our torchiere swap at the Livermore Station 6 Firehouse. This is the home of the world’s oldest continuously burning lightbulb, which has been lit for over 110 years. It was amazing to see the progress and change that has happened over time. And fortunately, until August 9th, any Livermore resident can bring a halogen torchiere lamp to our office downtown at 4047 First Street for a free swap with our CFL lamps which use much less energy and are not a fire hazard.

Finally, our community outreach manager secured an 80 unit apartment complex and a 50 unit apartment complex to finish in our final week of the program, so we’ll be keeping very busy. I’m excited for the last stretch of the program!

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