CYES Week 5: Spirit and Determination in Berkeley & Oakland

Rachel Burns
LIFT, Berkeley

The past week in Berkeley, we recorded a song to educate our community about the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab meters. These meters have been very popular in the Berkeley community so this song was to be a piece of cake for our site. However, it did not turn out that way on the day of recording. It took the rhythmic patterns of the acoustic guitar and djimbe drums to loosen up the group and let their Berkeley spirit show. In the end, we were able to come together  and produce a song that we are very proud of. If it wasn’t for the spunky attitudes of our Energy Specialist, we wouldn’t have been as successful in making our song or sustain the amazing work that they did throughout the summer!

JJ Chok
LIFT, Oakland/Emeryville

In Oakland, we served the Bridgecourt apartment complex in Emeryville, CA. In this apartment complex, there were about 220 units and we wanted to serve all the units within 3 days. We were able to finish about 136 units! 136 units within 3 days is quite the feat and I am very proud of our Energy Specialists. Besides serving the apartment complex, this was our last week of installing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory “Watts Up” meters. Our progress was halted completely because we were not allowed to install any meters within the apartment complex. So our final count for installation of LBNL Watts Up meters is 101 homes, which far exceeded my expectations.


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