CYES Week 5: They’ve Got the Energy Antidote in Antioch

William Spivey
LIFT, Antioch

Our program, which started on July 3, has recently concluded its fifth week of services in Antioch. At the end of Friday (Aug 3), we surpassed our goals for the number of greenhouse calls (250) to 256 total homes. We are currently on pace to exceed 300 total greenhouse calls. In addition, we have already surpassed our goals in power strips, pipe insulation, torchieres, 15W recessed lighting, 23W flood lights, 20W light bulbs, and clotheslines, and we are projected to exceed our goals for 13W and 23W CFL bulbs. We still are swapping out old torchiere lamps; local residents have been coming to our office with their halogen lamps to retrieve their new energy-efficient ones.

Despite our extraordinary torchiere swaps, the Energy Specialists have the uncanny ability to change poison into medicine. After an appointment cancellation, the energy specialists have successfully dropped in at local apartment complexes to make up for the lost greenhouse call. One team (consisting of two energy specialists) completed a total of 9 greenhouse calls in one day. The energy specialists have also installed all the remaining Lawrence Berkeley lab meters at the end of August 3rd, the last day to meter homes for the research study. A total of 58 homes were metered in Antioch.

Because we, as a site, have achieved most of our goals, we concluded the end of week 5 with a “site barbeque” in light of the programs conclusion on August 10th. Following the professional development lesson, during which I showed “I AM,” a documentary about a film director who realizes that relative happiness is better attained through democracy, cooperation, and compassion than material wealth. I chose to show this film to the energy specialists in order to stress the significance of breaking barriers and building bonds with each other in a global society.

With only one week remaining in the program, I am confident that we will exceed all of our goals and the summer in high spirits!

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