Rising Sun Welcomes International Interns

This year at Rising Sun Energy Center (Rising Sun), we are joined by three interns from three different countries: Ghana, Turkey and Costa Rica. These individuals have traveled miles away from home to gain deep knowledge and practical experience in successful models of encouraging energy efficiency to build sustainable communities. This opportunity was made possible by Collabriv, a global collaborative for the global generation. This year’s inaugural Collabriv class brings promising international leaders (ages 21–26) to the San Francisco Bay Area. The intensive six-month program provides a multinational team-based internship at a local organization in the Bay area. Together Pedel, Ahmet and Bernardo have a varied amount of experience in marketing and public relations. Please read on for more information about Rising Sun’s new crop of international interns:

Pedel Oppong (Accra, Ghana)

Pedel was born in Accra, Ghana and has a background in information system, project coordination and research. Before coming to the Bay area she was a project coordinator for a research study on communication and information needs among people in parts of northern and southern Accra. “I am so excited to work in Rising Sun because I believe this internship will launch my career in the green industry.” says Pedel. She will be helping the marketing & outreach team on public relations and marketing projects till August.

Bernardo Jose (Belen, Costa Rica)

Bernardo is an environmentalist from one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Costa Rica. He is a natural resources manager and collaborates with the Costa Rican NGO Terra Nostra, dedicated to environmental education. He is also a community leader in his hometown and manages different youth, artistic and cultural projects. “I’m very excited about being part of an international team and being part of Rising Sun too. I’m looking forward to achieving experience in the environmental field and also learning about different organization models in order to keep working in conservation and energy efficiency in Costa Rica.” Bernardo says.

Ahmet Turkyilmaz (Istanbul, Turkey)

Ahmet graduated from college with a business management degree and is now studying marketing at Istanbul University. Also as a member of the Istanbul Municipality Youth Assembly, he participated and organized multiple local and international projects, which were related to the European Union Youth Projects. He has also served as an editor for various sports websites “The collaboration between us, the international interns, and the local organization is something I am looking forward to. I am also looking forward to using some of my editorial skills I acquired over the years.” Ahmet says.


Join us in welcoming these three interns to the Bay Area and to Rising Sun Energy Center. We hope to provide opportunities that will empower them to achieve environmental sustainability for themselves and possibly for their respective countries. Truly we are reminded once again that all efforts are made so we can all live in a better world. Follow their six month journey here on the Rising Sun blog. Stay tuned.


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