Busily Bonding in Antioch and Marin

Antioch                                                                                                                                              Billy Spivey, Leader-in-Field-Training (LIFT)

Hello, this is Billy Spivey, the LIFT for the Antioch site. I have returned for another exciting summer of the CYES program, and this summer, our eight Energy Specialists (ESs) seem to have it down. We just finished our week of training, and they are very excited to begin Green House Calls (GHCs) next week. Two of our ESs who worked with us last year have taken the initiative to help lead the new ESs with the GHCs. As a result, all of our ES have quickly developed skills handling water fixtures and light bulbs. I feel that we will reach and even surpass all of our goals for this year.

Marin                                                                                                                                  Christopher Luther, Leader-in-Field-Training (LIFT) Image

In Marin, we had no trouble becoming close friends right from the beginning! Our Energy Specialist team impressed me from the get go. We all became friends that first week by playing Wizards, Dwarves and Giants and got down to business learning all about energy efficiency with hilarious skits, colorful posters and intelligent questions. I know this summer in Marin is going to be special!


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