Practicing Professionalism and Conservation in Berkeley and Richmond


Equipped with their manuals and shirts, the ESes are ready to go!
Equipped with their manuals and shirts, the ESes are ready to go!

Rosie Nketiah, Leader-in-Field-Training

We have officially ended a week of thorough and detailed Energy Specialist (ES) training. The ESs have gained a better understanding of the necessary information to promote the importance of water and energy conservation. This week of training has led to a great beginning of a site family as we bond through daily games and conversations. All members of our team are prepared and well-equipped to efficiently service energy audits for residents in Berkeley and Emeryville. We are excited and look forward to a productive summer this year!

Richmond                                                                                                                                       Phon Chanthansasak, Leader-in-Field-Training

ImageThis week in Richmond was truly inspiring. Our teams are growing into amazing young leaders for our community. Their participation level and knowledge of the subjects were much more advanced compared to my understanding when I was an Energy Specialist. As a group they worked well together. Each group skit was well conducted in a professional matter, which is an effective way to model Green House Calls. From what I have seen from their training and Green House Call practicing, the teams are prepared and ready to win this year’s Energy Specialist challenge.


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