Boisterous Beginnings in Oakland and Hayward

Oakland                                                                                                                                          Julian Davlin, Leader-in-Field-Training

Julian Davlin hard at work on the site poster.

This week in Oakland – after an informative day at the main Rising Sun office in Berkeley – our group of Energy Specialists (ESs) worked hard to learn the ins and outs of a Green House Call. They learned about effective elevator pitches, how to install the measures we provide and professionalism in the field. Besides developing these professional aspects, the ESs have worked on teamwork and communication with their peers through presentations, games and icebreakers. Lastly, on Wednesday morning, our site was fortunate to have a public radio station come record our morning activities – a surprising development to say the least, but everyone at the site went about presenting, learning, and laughing, just as they had the day before. By the end of this week our Oakland site will have performed six Green House Calls – a great beginning to the summer program.

Hayward                                                                                                                                         Tiffany Haynes, Leader-in-Field-Training

Training week for the Hayward site went well. All of the eight Energy Specialists (ESs) we have this summer are positive and eager to work at their first green job. A lot of training information was given out over the five day training and I can honestly say that each of my ESs are prepared and knowledgeable about the services given by CYES and capable of teaching others. Thanks to us, there will be a lot of energy saved in Hayward this summer and the ESs will have made a positive impact on the community, as well as themselves. Hayward should get ready for the energy saving storm that will hit the city over the next six weeks and watch out for the eight potential leaders in training for the future! I’m looking forward to keeping you updated each week on our progress. GO HAYWARD HEAT (CYES Hayward site)!



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