Practice Makes Perfect in Fremont and Union City

the FREEmont team displays their poster at ES training
the FREEmont team displays their poster at ES training

Fremont                                                                                                                                        Geron Stevens, Leader-in-Field-Training

Hard at work brainstorming!

This week in Fremont, our team has accomplished so much since the first day of training, from knowing little about energy and water conservation to being able to teach a lesson on it. I’ve built strong and outstanding relationships with both the managers and the Energy Specialists (ESs). Each and every ES has shown growth in all areas; they have become more knowledgeable, energized, and most of all, prepared for the field. In the beginning, we had some really quiet ESs but after a day or two of training and participating in icebreakers they warmed up and became active participants in the group. The team loves to play “Human Knot” and “Ninja.” We had our first two practice Green House Calls (GHC) yesterday and they both went very well. After the GHCs, we discussed what worked and what could be improved. Some of the ESs found the actual GHC form hard to fill out so we plan to review all parts of a Green House Call including basic knowledge, tools, the opening and closing, as well as most of the measures. Something I’ve learned about being a LIFT is that it can be hard to manage eight energy specialists when teaching a lesson and even just trying to hold attention. It’s a challenge, but I welcome it!

Union City                                                                                                                                         Yuni Salas-Linares

This week in Union City, I met the Energy Specialists (ESs) on Tuesday while the team met for the first time on Monday. While teaching them about the environment and what they should know about being an Energy Specialist on their second day, we also bonded well. All were eager to learn and participate in each activity we had them do. As they interacted with one another we learned about each individual specialist and who would work the best with each other.

For the rest of the week, we practiced on real Green House Calls (GHCs). We guided them as needed, but for the most part they were able to handle the GHCs all on their own, and I feel very confident in every single one of the ESs this summer. I know that with them and both my Site Manager, Eric Galan and Outreach Manager, Molly McCobb, we can tackle all the Green House Calls and pass our goal of doing more than 250 Green House Calls this summer.


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