Sharing a Fresh New Start at Dublin and Pleasanton

Dublin                                                                                                                                                     Jason Spooner, Leader-in-Field-Training

The first-ever Dublin CYES crew!
The first-ever Dublin CYES crew!

This has been a very productive week of training for the Dublin site. Our energy specialists (ESs) have quickly perfected performing practice Green House Calls. This group of first-time ESs has surpassed my expectations with their professionalism and desire to equip themselves with the knowledge to improve our community. Meanwhile, John and Marie (our incredibly motivated managers) have been booking appointments non-stop to ensure that this is a successful first year for Dublin CYES.

None of this would be possible without the cooperation and patience from the Pleasanton team, who are sharing their office and time. I am looking forward to seeing how this summer unfolds, taking into consideration the limited space occupied by the 22 CYES employees that I’m fortunate enough to work with. Every member of our team is adapting to the fast-paced work environment at Rising Sun, and I am confident in our ability to tackle all challenges that arise this season. I’m proud and happy to be spending my summer as the Leader-In-Field-Training of Dublin’s first CYES season.

Pleasanton                                                                                                                                            Deepak Singh, Leader-in-Field-Training

Dublin and Pleasanton teams playing "Tank and Driver" during training!
Dublin and Pleasanton teams playing “Tank and Driver” during training!

The Pleasanton training went really well this week. All of the Energy Specialists (ESs) are very enthusiastic for this job. The training week was long and tiring, but the ESs stayed engaged and focused throughout it. Since we are sharing the office with the Dublin site, we did most of the training and lessons together. This really helped in making the ESs be more comfortable with each other. The ESs are excited to do the actual Green House Calls next week.

A mock GHC (Green House Call) by Pleasanton ESes
A mock GHC (Green House Call) by Pleasanton ESs

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