Building Teamwork in Dublin and Pleasanton

Dublin                                                                                                                                                      Jason Spooner, Leader-in-Field-Training

Between outreach, Green House Calls, and inventory, every member of the Dublin site has had a busy first week. Despite a few cancellations, the canvassing efforts by ESes in their spare time have helped put us back on track. I have spent much of the week doing ride-along GHCs, and I am proud to say that I couldn’t do the GHCs better myself. Every ES is willing to help others around the office and do what it takes to keep our site running smoothly.

Unlike my previous summers at CYES, we allowed our ESes to choose their own partners. Each team has excellent chemistry, and they know how to play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses to provide the best customer service possible. I am already noticing the unique leadership qualities they all possess, and I see improvement every day. Dublin will have no problem finding a LIFT next year because many of our current Energy Specialists will be ready to step up to the role by next year.

Pleasanton                                                                                                                                  Deepak Singh, Leader-in-Field Training

The first week of Green House Calls went smoothly in Pleasanton. The Energy Specialists (ES) were really excited for their GHCs. There were some troubles with the inventory check-in and check-out, but everything was resolved with the help of ESes and by going over the green house forms. All the ESes are getting plenty of referrals from our clients, which help us set up more appointments for the upcoming weeks. All of the ESes were energetic throughout the week remained diligent despite the intense heat. During the week, we had a few cancellations, but the ESes made the most out of that time by canvassing or asking friends to fill those appointment.

On Friday, for our professional development, we did a lesson on leadership skills. After the lesson, all the ESes performed a skit about their leadership skills and it turned out to be a fun morning. We are hoping to get more appointments and I am confident by the way that things are going that we will make our goals this summer.

A Pleasanton ES team with a torchiere it swapped out!
A Pleasanton ES team with a torchiere it swapped out!

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