Peservering in the Hot Heat: Union City and Fremont

Fremont                                                                                                                                                         Geron Stevens, Leader-in-Field-Training

A Fremont ES counts the lightbulbs replaced that day.
A Fremont ES counts the lightbulbs replaced that day.

This week in Fremont was rather hot and exhausting; the dry heat drained all of our energy but fortunately we made sure to stay hydrated to continue the good work. The first day of going out and performing  Green House Calls was a bit intense and chaotic; the managers and I were struggling with assigning roles and setting up an efficient system that worked well for not only us but also for the Energy Specialists. After fixing a few bottlenecks, our system has become much more time efficient and now we have extra time for group discussions before the ESes’ first appointments each day. I’d have to say this week was a great experience for the ESes, the managers, and me due to these learning experiences. The managers were able to learn a lot from the ESes based upon their body language like different ways to teach a lesson. I’ve been given the opportunity to watch these individuals grow as they expand their horizons and I’m extremely happy to be a part of what they’re becoming to be.

Union City                                                                                                                                      Yuni Salas-Linares, Leader-in-Field-Training

This week in Union City we prepared ourselves for our first full week to service homes in Union City. Although we had some last minute cancelled appointments, our ESes managed to get some on the spot Green House Calls and also received referrals from previous clients. After celebrating the fourth of July, they came back, and worked so hard that I jumped in and also joined them in doing some GHCs.

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