Putting in Great Effort in Oakland and Hayward

Oakland                                                                                                                                                                   Julian Davlin, Leader-in-Field-Training

After the end of the first week of July, our Oakland site ESes have served 35 houses—29 of them in the first full week!  Despite some cancellations, our team has put in the extra effort to either call friends and family to fill the empty time slots, or to canvass in neighborhoods. The ESes seem confident in their ability to perform a proper Green House Call, and if any questions arise, they feel comfortable calling either of the managers to ask about the correct procedures. This has been a very strong first week of the summer program, which can only indicate more great weeks to come.

Hayward                                                                                                                                 Tiffany Haynes, Leader-in-Field-Training

The full Hayward Heat team!
The full Hayward Heat team!

Week two at the Hayward Site has been a very eye-opening experience as to what the Summer will look like. This site is like no other site that I have had the pleasure of being a part of during my three summer stint with CYES. I am super excited at the challenges we will overcome and accomplishments that we will achieve. As expressed before, all of my ESes are young, talented, smart, and interesting individuals who will definitely develop and grow this summer. This week, the ESes found out who their partners were and picked out a team name. As of right now we have S.W.A.T.T (Saving Water And Trading Torchieres), C.I.A (Courtney Ivan Area), H.H.S $ Makers ( Hayward High School.), and Team KICK***! This week they also got the chance to go out on their very own GHCs, where they had to lead. When asked about this experience ALL teams responded with laid back demeanors, a big smile, and said, “Piece of CAKE!” That’s what I like to hear! My teams were knocking out appointments with tremendous professionalism. The client reviews went through the roof with positive comments and invitations to come back.  In addition to leaving a great lasting impression, Team H.H.S $ Makers brought back 18 client referrals and set two appointments from one GHC! In the beginning of the week we had a few data and paperwork problems but that was to be expected. The extraordinary thing is that after we told the teams about the issues, they made significant improvement in the new paperwork they handed in.  This showed that the ESes are more than capable of taking constructive criticism. CYES is not only doing what they can to save the future by helping communities reduce their negative impact on the world, but also by also training and shaping tomorrow’s leaders.. There will be a brief but extensive re-training next Tuesday morning just to make sure everything is clear from this week and then off to a fabulous start for WEEK three. I’ll let you know about all the festivities then.


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