Smooth Sailing in Marin and Antioch


Chris Luther, Leader-in-Field-Training             


Our first week of Green House Calls went without a hitch! The training week stuck well with all of our Energy Specialists and they are eagerly serving homes all around Marin County. They did so well, we are thinking about adding an extra appointment a day to each team.

Antioch                                                                                                                                             Billy Spivey, Leader-in-Field-Training

This week in Antioch was the first week for the ESes to do GHCs on their own. After a full week of training, the ESes seem to already have mastered how to do GHCs. On the first day, every team did at least three greenhouse calls; one team did a total of six greenhouse calls all correctly with little discrepancies in their paper work. The day after, most teams did as many as four for a total of 14-16 GHCs in that day. Some teams faced cancellations but wisely used the time by doing drop-ins and door-to-door canvassing. Antioch has had  the most greenhouse calls and the most measures installed so far. The ESes are exceeding the expectations of the managers and the managers have also been very proficient at teaching the ESes the most crucial aspects of canvassing and doing greenhouse calls. There have been some minor errors in terms of organization and tidiness when putting the measures and tools away in the bags, but these issues will resolve themselves with practice and reminding. We hope to continually see the ESes perform their best and grow in the coming weeks.

Chris Luther, Leader-in-Field-Training


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