Finding their Footing in Antioch and Marin

Antioch                                                                                                                                             Billy Spivey, Leader-in-Field-Training                                                                                                                                               

Another awesome week has come to a close for the 2013 Summer CYES program in Antioch. In just a matter of a few days, the energy specialists have surpassed all expectations in doing the home energy assessments with each pair doing on average 4 GHC’s a day. Here’s a quick summary of the events that unfolded this week. On Tuesday, July 9, we did 12 greenhouse calls, which is a typical in a day for us. I attended my weekly LIFT meeting in Berkeley to check in with the other LIFTs from the other nine cities. I was proud to report that Antioch was doing very well in our program after the first week. Later in the week, the Energy Specialists (ESes) did their GHCs in the larger homes in Antioch, including a five-bedroom home uptown which required more than 50 recessed lighting and a remodeled six-bedroom home close to the Rivertown district that required over 60 recessed lighting and help from both the LIFT and the outreach manager Vince to install the lights in hard-to-reach places. For Friday’s professional development, I facilitated the leadership compass activity, which metaphorically relates a cardinal directions (North, East, West, South) to a person’s leadership quality (i.e., a “north” person is considered independent and straight forward). In terms of leadership, we were all diverse: four North, four South, and three West (no one was East). We then discussed why we chose our direction and presented to each other of potential setbacks of being the type of leader we are and with whom we work best.

After the lesson, our site manager Lanita went over tracking installations on the GHC forms and the daily check out sheets. All the teams today had large homes (>5 BR), and thus it is crucial to keep a careful watch of the measures.

 Marin                                                                                                                                             Chris Luther, Leader-in-Field-Training

Early on in the week we had some open time in the schedule as appointments came at a slower pace. Our Energy Specialists responded tremendously! During some canvassing one team got an on-the-spot appointment. In my 4 years at CYES I have learned those are extremely rare to get! I was very impressed. And later in the week our management team hustled and booked the rest of the calendar. Definitely loving my time this summer in Marin! Lots of excitement!

As my second time being a LIFT, I am finding different challenges than the last time I was a LIFT. This year in Marin I am presented with different challenges like encouraging our quieter Energy Specialists open up and become more active and making sure everyone is working as a team. I think my experience before has trained me to deal with these circumstances. I am prepared to make Marin the best team Rising Sun has ever seen!


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