Helping Our Communities in Richmond, Berkeley and Emeryville

Richmond                                                                                                                                                 Phon Chanthansasak, Leader-in-Field-Training

Last week in Richmond our Energy Specialists worked really hard; despite appointment cancellations they were still able to bounce back by making on-the-spot appointments with their family members. Our ESes are really making the city better by installing an average of 25+ CFLs per day. After asking one of our ESes, Souriya, about his experience he responded, “I am having a blast, it feels good to be working in Richmond while providing free service to the community and educating them on energy efficiency, ya dig?”

Being a LIFT has helped me to understand the importance of the Green House Call form (GHC). By having the responsibility of inputting data to our Runner program, I now see why the mangers were always stressed when we used to forget to ask for the client’s water account number or left out some other information on the Green house call form—the more data we leave out, the harder it is for us to accurately record how much good work we got done!


The full Richmond team onsite!
The full Richmond team onsite!

Berkley/Emeryville                                                                                                                                            Rosie Nketiah, Leader-in-Field-Training

Our site has given a whole new meaning to our motto “Outreach to teach.” Since Berkeley and Emeryville are some of the most energy efficient places served through Rising Sun, we are heavily dependent on the results of neighborhood canvassing, client referrals, and other forms of outreach to schedule our recent Green House Calls (GHCs).  Although canvassing may not seem like the easiest task, and can sometimes be difficult, every member on our team exerts excellent effort and participates in doing whatever it takes to promote the importance of energy sustainability and helping out the local community. Despite the challenge of finding homes to serve, Berkeley/ Emeryville Energy Specialists (ESes) have received amazing feedback from those served and outstanding manager evaluations this summer. Rising Sun protocol and standards are respected and utilized during every GHC, thus explaining the positive feedback from clients. Ultimately, although it makes it slightly more difficult to reach our goals, we are excited to hear that Berkeley and Emeryville are so efficient already, because that means our community is already well on the way toward the greater goals of long-term energy efficiency!

In addition, our managers, Sophie and Wells, have done an excellent job of keeping our CYES family on task, while setting up appointments with smiling faces! They are very organized and efficient with energy specialist and clients. They maintain an enthusiastic attitude, which keeps our group cohesive and moving towards a common goal! When any sort of routine issues arise, they are very promptly responsive with solutions. Each ES has been showing improvement and progression and this week has gone very well and we are ready to tackle another great week!


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