Reaching out with Outreach at Dublin and Pleasanton!

Dublin                                                                                                                                                      Jason Spooner, Leader-in-Field-Training

The Dublin Site has had another great week of Green House Calls! Our Energy Specialist groups seem to be refining their style and are becoming more time efficient with each passing day. Our Site Manager, John, has been buried in the paperwork from the GHCs that our Outreach Manager, Marie, has been tirelessly filling by finding new clients! For this week’s professional development lesson, we practiced giving elevator pitches in a variety of scenarios. Every ES took their turn as a potential client or a canvassing member of CYES, while the rest of the site provided feedback on their reactions.

On Thursday, I accompanied a few ESes outside of the community pool next to Dublin High School and at the home improvement store. We got a few signups and learned a lesson in outreach, so it was a successful outing. As hectic as it is, I am having a great time being a LIFT. Stay tuned for next weeks update on the Dublin Site!

Pleasanton                                                                                                                                  Deepak Singh, Leader-in-Field Training

Praying on Prince for more GHCs!
Praying on Prince for more GHCs!

This week in Pleasanton, our Energy Specialists had a great time while doing the Green House Calls. Even though we had few cancellations this week, we are still installing a lot of measures in all the houses we go to. During the free time from cancellations, our Energy Specialists are going out to public places, such as library, grocery stores, etc. to canvass and this is really helpful as we are getting a lot of referrals from these places. We also learned this week that we can canvass door to door now in Pleasanton and this was really helpful. Even though many people didn’t open their doors, we were still able to get quite a few contacts to call to schedule appointments. On Friday, we had couple more cancellations, which gave the Energy Specialists more time for canvassing and one of our team made an appointment right on the spot. The week did not end as we hoped it would, but we have high hopes for next week.




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