Short but Sweet Report from Fremont and Union City

Fremont                                                                                                                                                         Geron Stevens, Leader-in-Field-Training

This week in Fremont, the four teams of Energy Specialists were engaging and are fully aware of what’s happening and how the entire Green House Call (GHC) works. They’ve become very familiar with each other as well as with the managers and we all know what works the best for each other. The Energy Specialists are well on their way to becoming the best of what they can be. We’ve also bumped up the number of appointments each team will receive from three appointments a day to four appointments a day. Each day, we all learn something new from each other. We always try to keep them all on their toes giving refreshments of the GHC form when needed, time to relax in between appointments, and of course their breaks and lunch. We have an outstanding amount of resources coming from myself and from other returnees, which in turn, helps us determine if and when any problems occur. Unfortunately, we have come to a close of week 2, but this only opens the door for the beginning of week 3.

Union City                                                                                                                                      Yuni Salas-Linares, Leader-in-Field-Training

This week in Union City, Our ESes passed the 50 houses served mark and are well on our way to doubling the number of  homes we have served so far. While our ESes were hard at work doing GHCs, my Outreach Manager and I  visited the senior home center and got a couple of appointments. Hopefully if they are satisfied with our service, they will spread the word to the rest of the seniors at the senior center!


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