Smooth Sailing and Cool Cucumbers in Hayward and Oakland


Tiffany Haynes, Leader-in-Field-Training

LIFTTiffany_0773This has been a smooth sailing week! The new changes made to our inventory system and the wonderful development day, during which we bonded was very beneficial for the productivity of our site. Mornings, as well as evenings have been great with plenty of time to get prepared or further smooth out any kinks. The Hayward Heats are on FIRE, leaving behind a BLAZING trail straight to an energy efficient City of Hayward! Many of our clients recommend that all of their friends and family members should take advantage of this service. The clients who are so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the ESs that they give back referral sheets completely filled out, sometimes even using the back of the sheet to write more! With such energetic, outgoing, and capable ESs, servicing and outreach have been a breeze.

I am very pleased with the wonderful can-do co-workers I have here in Hayward. Here nothing is impossible; when faced with adversity we do not see roadblocks, only fun competitive obstacles. Everyone here has grown so much from the first day that we started. We learned from our weak points and used the experiences to become better professionals. With four more weeks left I am sure we will gain new experiences to learn from that will help us accomplish GREATNESS. The vision of making a POSITIVE impact is very REAL here, and that is the mission to be completed.

Oakland                                                                                                                                              Julian Davlin, Leader-in-Field-Training

An Energy Specialist provide free and easy tips to help a client save more energy, water and money on bills!

This week in Oakland we were able to service some of the biggest houses our site has seen this summer with our Free Green House Calls.  I had to go out to appointments to drop off extra measures several times because our Energy Specialists (ESs) installed more than 20 light bulbs in a single house! These big houses proved to be no problem for our skilled ESs who finished the calls quickly, efficiently, and without any incident. Lastly, during our Friday professional development session, our Energy Specialists shared techniques used for going into a job interview with confidence and purpose. Overall it was another very successful week. We are looking forward to another full week of Green House Calls! You can sign up for and learn more about our FREE energy assessment and FREE efficient hardware installation here:

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