Developing Skills in Marin and Antioch

Marin County

Chris Luther, Leader-in-Field-Training

Over in Marin things are happening at a quick pace. Our Energy Specialists are working faster than ever getting Green House Calls done at a blistering speed. My management is working hard to get enough appointments for them to do during the day because they are so quick.

I am embracing my mentorship role as the Marin LIFT. This week in professional development I taught our youth about résumé writing. It was a challenge to have a lesson planned for a range of résumés. It was exciting to help some of our youth develop and create their first resume. Marin has definitely got the hustle.

Some of the Marin crew at an outreach event!
Some of the Marin crew at an outreach event!


Billy Spivey, Leader-in-Field-Training

This week, I was able to learn from what Community Outreach Manager Adrian facilitated on determining our personal brand and applied that to teaching the ESs later in the week about interviewing for jobs. It was difficult at first because I do not normally think about what people think of me when they see me, nor do I take time to consider what kind of image I am portraying to those in my environment, so the insight I gained really helped me to aid the the ESs in polishing their skills when the time comes to interview for challenging positions.

Meanwhile, the Energy Specialists have been getting much better at keeping track of their installations. Moreover, they have serviced a wide array of clients in terms of demographics – from the 5 bedroom homes off of Canada Valley to the small 2 bedroom apartments off of Wilbur Ave across the freeway and both high-income and low-income families alike.

In other LIFT news, we’ve been working on securing donations for the barbecue at the end of the program. Communication plays a key role in our success because we encourage each other in the email updates and feedback that we send each other. I’ve been out to more than ten businesses to solicit donations for our barbeque, including Target, Walmart, Chili’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings. I feel confident that they will be able to contribute after speaking with the managers on the phone. Hopefully the amount of donations I receive for this year will exceed my total from last year.


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