Slowing Down to Enjoy Success in Dublin and Pleasanton

Dublin                                                                                                                                                  Jason Spooner, Leader-in-Field-Training

Two Dublin ESs show off the CFLs!
Rebecca and Sruthi, ESs show off the CFLs!

So far, this has been the most relaxing week for the Dublin site. A few people have been absent from work, so we decided to lighten up the schedule for a few days. This has given us a chance to catch up on organizing our office and further train the Energy Specialists on calling clients and booking FREE Green House Call appointments. Most importantly, this was the first time all summer we got a chance to slow things down and bond as a site.

Marie, our Site Outreach Manager attended a neighborhood watch meeting booked by our City of Dublin contacts, Martha Aja and Kathy Southern. It turned out to be our most successful outreach event this year. Every member of the community was enthusiastic about the service and she ended up with about 20 clients signing up! Other that that, we have had a very entertaining week here in Dublin. Every day we are climbing closer to our goals, and I am pleased with the way things are going. Check us out on the City of Dublin Website!

Pleasanton                                                                                                                                  Deepak Singh, Leader-in-Field Training

Things are going smoothly in Pleasanton. We changed our teams in the beginning of the week to switch things around and to let everyone experience working with a different partner. We are installing a lot of measures at each house we serve. Even though we are only half way through our program, we have already surpassed our goal for the 15W floods lights. We just started door-to-door canvassing in Pleasanton, and I noticed that we needed a little more practice on our pitch. So for the professional development this week, we worked on elevator pitching the program for signups and Adrian, the Community Outreach Manager was nice enough to come and help us with it. The week ended on a high note as we had a full schedule for Friday and things looked great for Tuesday as well. We still want to serve lots more houses in Pleasanton though, and only have 2 weeks left! If you’re interested, sign up here:

Adrian and the Pleasanton ESs work on their canvassing pitches.
Adrian and the Pleasanton ESs work on their canvassing pitches.

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