Antioch and Richmond Teams are on a Roll!


Antioch Week 2 - Two ESs mugging for the camera

We are moving quickly into our 2nd week. The Energy Specialists (ES’s) are very excited to get as many green house calls done as they can to receive the end of week GRAND PRIZE. As the Es’s compete neck to neck we must keep them healthy, so why not have a mid week party? Turn up or nah! Since the program started no one has ever missed a day of work because we are the best and we understand if we don’t make Antioch green, who will?  

Anyway, our first professional development will be this Friday. We are learning about our identity statement so we can better articulate our skills to employers. While we are learning, Chipotle has decided to donate lunch to us because we are just that outstanding. We play hard but we work even HARDER. Great second week from Antioch’s site, stay tuned as we continue to raise the bar.

– Omar



Richmond Week 2 - ES with idea bulb

Richmond Squad reporting in! This weeks update shows that the Squad has become more efficient in educating clients and teaching the community why going green is important. The clients are becoming more and more comfortable with the Squad’s professionalism and are actually calling up their own family members and friends to enlist with the Squad’s cause. While our Green House Call numbers increase day by day the Squad has increased their measurement usage (efficient light bulbs, aerators, shower heads, etc.). Showing the commitment the Richmond Squad has in serving and teaching the community about how going green will save them money while teaching them how to save energy and water!! RICH SQUADDDD!!!

– Souriya


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