Checking In with Hayward, San Rafael, and Novato CYES Sites


Hayward Tree Planting - Week Two
The Hayward team planted a tree to help offset their carbon footprint!

Over the past two weeks we have served more than fifty homes in Hayward. Many interested clients have given us referrals as a result of our good work. Although there are still a few cancelled appointments here and there, we are able to pull through by canvassing. There is one Energy Specialist (ES) in particular, Maria, who is awesome at finding appointments on the spot. Due to her outgoing personality, the other ES’s are more comfortable doing door-to-door canvassing. I am excited to see individual growth as the summer progresses. Two different teams have won the weekly prize awarded to the team with a mixture of  the most referrals and on the spot appointments. This is a good way to keep all ES’s working diligently while also having fun and getting rewarded for their work.

– Maria G.


San Rafael


The San Rafael site had a highly productive past week with each team scheduled for five appointments a day. When not busy with Green House Calls, the Energy Specialists helped around the office without being asked. This was especially important as it allowed the Outreach Manager to leave the office to interface with the community without the site becoming less organized. The team switch (changing Green House Call partners) on Tuesday of last week only increased the positivity and effectiveness of the site. The San Rafael teams’ motivation will be further enhanced by the roll-out of a referral incentive program as well as a whole office party with the Novato site. The small but mighty San Rafael site continues to impressively serve the large territory of San Rafael and southern Marin County!





This past week, Novato’s Energy Specialists continued to impress their managers and community with their promptness and positivity. With once youth-phobic homeowners thrilled with the service they received and referring their friends to the service, the Novato site has truly been succeeding in their goal to service their city which is diverse in beliefs and interests as well as race and socioeconomic background. Outreach at venues like the Novato Farmers market, the food bank, and senior citizen programming has yielded great results with most teams having full schedules fully comprised of Novato addresses. Furthermore, collaboration between the Managers and LIFT for Novato and San Rafael has allowed the Outreach Managers at both sites to leave the office more frequently to advertise the program. Gearing up for the first team switch and professional development as well as a pizza party, Novato has alot to look forward to.





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