A CFL is Only as Bright as its Dimmest Coil. . .

Pleasanton Week 3 - Wii E-waste


The Pleasanton site has serviced almost 100 houses as it moves its third week. We have been tabling to promote our service at 80’s Night on Main St, the Pleasanton Library, and the Pleasanton Senior Center. Thank you to all those who signed up! Our Outreach Manager, Robbie, and a group of Energy Specialists got to plant a tree at Stoneridge Mall! Tight! When they aren’t occupied with Green House Calls, our Energy Specialists (ESs) are either out trying to schedule more appointments or lending a hand around the office. So far, the teams have all been getting along well and are more confident now that they have a good amount of experience. We will be switching up the teams soon, however, to give the ES’s a chance to get to know and help one another. After all, a CFL is only as bright as its dimmest coil.




It has been another extremely busy, yet productive week here at the Dublin office of California Youth Energy Services! We have had cancellations here and there, but community outreach efforts from the entire team have kept us on track to exceed our goals for the amount of clients served this summer. So far, our total count for completed Green House Calls is approaching 100, and our incredible team of Energy Specialists have received excellent feedback for their professional demeanor within the community. As the summer is progressing and our team is becoming more time efficient, we have been able to schedule more and more appointments daily so we are able to reach every enthusiastic Dublin resident who expressed interest in our program. This week, we will be attending the Emerald Glenn Farmers Market to book our last remaining appointment times for the year. We hope see you all there!



Oakland “Oa(klean)”

This week has been a very positive. The Outreach Manager has stepped up and has been collaborating with other community centers in orders to reach the public and has been very successful. He has contacted stores as well in order to do more outreach and continue the fluidity of the appointments. We also gave our referral victors (The Energy Specialists who got the most referrals at their Green House Call appointments) their prize which was a 10 dollar gift card to Fenton’s Creamery which they were happy to see. We decided to rotate the ES groups which has been good so far and hopefully it stays that way.


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