News from Antioch, Richmond, Dublin, and Martinez CYES sites!

Antioch Week 3 - Azalea and Ifeoma
Antioch Energy Specialists Azalea & Ifeoma preparing to go on a Green House Call



It was an awesome week three at the Antioch site. We are moving right along on our green house calls with a record number of 87. The Energy Specialists (ESs) are working very hard to surpass the goal of the organization by servicing as many of their family and friends with Green House Calls as possible.

Our first professional development was Friday and it went great. We learned about our identity statement and how we can better communicate with future employers by promoting our best skills and attributes. We also, enjoyed a donation of lunch from Chipotle Mexican Grill. It was very nice to eat and learn at the same time.    





The Richmond Squad has been hustling very hard this week in order to help our community. Each team has mastered, or is on the verge of mastering, the arts of energy efficiency and have provided information about CFL light bulbs that astonish the clients. Also with the help of our energetic Outreach Manager, Grant, we were able to set up a Rising Sun dojo at a shopping plaza. People walking past were curious about our presence and teaching of what we call the “Green Life” and asked if they can be taught. Many were frightened but with the expertise of our Squad we were able to sign up at least 15 people in one day. Marking this week as one of the greatest weeks of all! We doubled Green House Calls from last week and yesterday we were able to service at least 17 houses. As a Squad we are trying to push our limits in order to teach our community the way of the “Green Life”. Richmond Squad!!!





It has been another extremely busy, yet productive week here at the Dublin office of California Youth Energy Services! We have had cancellations here and there, but community outreach efforts from the entire team have kept us on track to exceed our goals for the amount of clients served this summer. So far, our total count for completed Green House Calls is approaching 100, and our incredible team of Energy Specialists have recieved excellent feedback for their professional demeanor within the community. As the summer is progressing and our team is becoming more time efficient, we have been able to schedule more and more appointments daily so we are able to reach every enthusiastic Dublin resident who expressed interest in our program. This week, we will be attending the Emerald Glenn Farmers Market to book our last remaining appointment times for the year. We hope see you all there!





Martinez Week 3 - Charlotte and Marcus - week three winners
Charlotte and Marcus – winners of the week’s referral challenge!

Standing in front of the Energy Specialists (ESs) after a long day of Green House Calls, the managers were preparing to announce the winners of the referral competition that had been going on for that week. Silence engulfed the room with anticipation and every ES listened attentively for the hope that it would be them. Finally the managers proclaimed with a grin “Charlotte and Marcus are the winners!” Both ESs stood up and happily accepted their Starbucks gift cards. The ESs that did not win fretted not, because they would have another chance to win a gift card for week three, and soon we will have another team victorious. Besides the competition the “Martsians” continued their best efforts to spread the word about this amazing free program. The Outreach Manager and LIFT even helped participate at a food bank and were able to get over 30 referrals while volunteering to feed people! Yes, it seems that our Martisian adventurers have been striving for excellence and going against any adversity. Week three approaches its end and along with it a mid point to this summer program. how will our Martisians do with another week gone by?? Stay tuned as we continue the MARTISIAN ADVENTURES!!!




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