Week Three Updates from CYES Sites!


Fairfield Week 3 - Lightbulb change

Week 3 has now begun. As the “Fairfield Force” we had 34 Green House Calls (GHC) in week 1 and 50 in week 2. To set the ultimate goal we are shooting for 80 GHC in week 3. With our very educated Energy Specialists (ES) in Fairfield we can accomplish this goal and knock the houses down. The city of Fairfield has been so cooperative with everything that we are providing and the installations that are being done. Left and right we walk and people point us out and put a good word in for us. We get appointment after appointment and every one receives our services.

Said By Schetar Akoto (ES) “This has been an amazing experience. I love going out there and making the changes the community needs. Seeing the amazement on the clients faces and the happiness and relief after we are done. In a recent home the lady told us that her bill was in the triple digits and she loved everything that we did to save her money. I took the initiative to tell her that I will check back for an update and see how shes doing with the CFL’s and how that bill is doing. All in all I love my job, I love what I do, and I’m very excited that they are all free.”

Said By Steven Carpenter Jr. (ES) “Free, Free, Free. When clients hear that it’s free they jump onto our program right away. I love the experience that I am getting through Rising Sun everyday and all the efficiency that is being spread through the city of Fairfield and Suisun. I have taken an interest in CFL’s and everything that we are installing. Our site is great and my partner Schetar has been fantastic. We make a great duo that keeps going and installing every fixture that has an incandescent.”

It’s A Great Week To Save Some Energy!



Hayward Tree Planting - Week Three

This was an exciting week. We had our Hayward tree planting event, where we all learned how to correctly plant and care for trees. Not only did we have a full schedule of appointments but we also made time to thank the earth by planting a tree in order to offset the driving we do during Green House Call appointments. Then in a couple years we can go back and show our kids and grandkids the tree we planted and explain the importance of giving back to the environment. Apart from that, the site competition is getting very competitive. Last week two Energy Specialist won a gift card to Cheesecake Factory which caused everyone else to work harder. All four teams are looking forward to winning the prize this week.  



Fremont Week 3 - ES sorting materials


Fremont’s site is rising up to it’s challenge of breaking the current Green House Call record of 362.  All of the teams are comfortable with each other which provides great adaptability, initiative, and teamwork no matter what the cost is. We’re pushing our ESes, driving them to be faster and stronger as they get through every appointment. It’s critical that they do this because they have the potential schedule of doing five appointments a day. When there’s downtime, we send our Energy Specialists out canvassing trying to schedule more appointments or helping out around the office, especially with breaking down the torchieres.



This week we improved by a lot. we wound up hitting the 103 mark. I’m very excited and proud of my Energy Specialists because of their hard work. Professional development went great for us last week. My Energy Specialists also improved on their time management and better quality on the Green House Calls. So far so good for my site. We have the best site and staff and we are not afraid of any challenge. Some of my Energy Specialists have had cancellations and have come back with seven more appointments just from canvassing. Top That!!! Thank you for checking in with the Vacavillians.



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